Selçuk Cihan

Selçuk Cihan

Software Engineer


AWS Solutions Architect Professional CertificateAWS Developer Associate Certificate

“I've been most impressed by his exceptional ability to tackle every phase of software development with in-depth knowledge, confidence and clear communication. I cannot emphasize enough how good Selcuk is at communicating in a clear and structured manner.”

Daniel Vliegenthart - Team Lead, parsel.ai

“I had the pleasure to manage and to work with Selcuk Cihan for the past 2 years while at Tellimer. He rose brilliantly to all challenges thrown at him both technically and communication wise. I would say his superpower is his communications skills, both writing and talking.“

Decebal Dobrica - Software Architect, Tellimer

“He was the perfect remote contractor in many ways. His communication skills are top, he is very much a self-starter who can get stuck in on work with minimal guidance or oversight, and his code quality (and documentation!) is exceptional.”

Ian Watt - CTO, Tellimer