Selçuk Cihan

Software Development Engineer

About Me

Building (and deprecating) software is my passion. I’m an ex-Amazonian, a certified AWS solutions architect and available for hire on Toptal.

Keywords: AWS Serverless TypeScript Python NodeJS



Senior Software Engineer

2018 -

  • Created machine learning applications on the cloud.
  • Developed serverless web applications & services on AWS.
  • Created serverless workflows using AWS Step Functions to integrate with external services.
  • Optimized cost resulting in more than 50% saving on AWS bill.
  • Improved performance by reengineering caching on CloudFront/S3.
  • Mentored developers and reviewed pull requests.

Technologies: TypeScript, Python, Serverless, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, VPC, SQS, EventBridge, AppSync, Cognito, Datadog


Software Development Engineer

2017 - 2018

  • Developed and maintained the orchestration platform that processes Amazon’s catalog updates. The platform is able to handle tens of thousands of TPS, enabling the finest and largest catalog on earth. Uses Kinesis as the backbone and routes updates to the catalog to relevant downstream services.
  • Added further functionality to a Node.js service which is a high TPS REST service for diff analysis.
  • Refactored an orchestration engine which consumes Kinesis and calls downstream services such that the application can be started without any dependencies, thus enabling performance testing of the core.
  • Supported the reconciliation engine (Java 8) that generates the retail catalog.
  • Carried out live migrations of several web services without downtime. Successfully deprecated multiple legacy services in an effort to simplify the overall architecture and enable catalog growth.

Technologies: Java, Perl, AWS, Node.js, Linux, Spring, Agile, DevOps, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, JavaScript, Docker


Senior Software Engineer

2013 - 2017

  • Supported the workflow engine (C#, Windows service) serving banking applications such as loans, customer complaints etc.
  • Set up elastic to index workflow engine documents, enabling powerful search mechanisms for the end user.
  • Designed and implemented a workforce management system that empowers the bank’s operation center. The application uses Microsoft’s solver foundation to solve the task assignment problem. This project got BAI global innovation award.

Technologies: Microsoft .Net, C#, MSSQL, ElasticSearch, REST, Agile, Unit testing, JavaScript, DevOps

Ziraat Teknoloji

Senior Software Engineer

2011 - 2013

  • Designed and implemented workflow engine running on top of Oracle, serving over 100,000 workflow instances daily.
  • Served as scrum master and mentored junior developers.

Technologies: Microsoft .NET, C#, WinForms, WPF, Oracle


Embedded Software Engineer

2010 - 2011

  • Implemented Teletext for the IPTV set-top box using C++.
  • Developed a subtitle parser in C.
  • Implemented a high-performance transport stream parser in C.

Technologies: C, C++, Busybox, Linux, RTSP, IPTV, Python, Perl, Teletext

CC Soft

Software Engineer


  • Designed and implemented a cross-platform desktop client in C++ utilizing wxWidgets GUI toolkit. The client database is SQLite.
  • Designed and implemented the corresponding backup server in Java (J2SE). An application-level protocol is implemented for client-server communication, secured via SSL (OpenSSL). Stored files are encrypted (AES).
  • Designed (visual design excluded) and implemented a web portal for serving online backup users. Users can download/browse backed up files through the portal. MySQL, Apache web server, and django framework are utilized.

Technologies: Java, C++, wxWidgets, Python, Django, wxPython, OpenSSL, MySQL, Apache web server, Django, SQLite


Bogazici University

BS. Computer Engineering (3.57/4)


Amongst the top universities in Turkey, BU has a lovely campus with spectacular views over the Bosphorus.

Studied wireless networks and computer vision in addition to the foundations of computer science. Graduated Cum Laude.

Bogazici University

MS. Computer Engineering (3.80/4)


Research interests:

  • Distributed systems
  • Graph theory

Thesis titled “Parallel maximum flow solver for multi-core machines”.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

AWS Certified Developer Associate


Consumes Twitter API to fetch locations of your friends on Twitter. Backend is serverless on AWS API Gateway + Lambda (nodejs). Frontend is ReactJS.
Twitter friends heat map

A clone of the original tetris game, implemented using ReactJS.
Tetris clone using ReactJS

A Little More About Me

Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.

Comfortable taking on work in any tech stack, though Serverless, TypeScript and Python have been recurring themes in the past few years for me. There’s also a personal blog - in Turkish - which serves as a notepad for me; documenting problems, solutions and research about software development. For details, have a look at my Curriculum Vitae (which may refer you to this page, in that case be conscious about the infinite loop you are in or you might never reach out to me!).


NodeJS Django Spring Serverless React Angular


TypeScript Python JavaScript Java C# Perl


CloudWatch SNS Kinesis SQS Lambda Step Functions Cognito IAM CloudFormation CloudFront EC2


Unit Testing DevOps Agile

Storage Solutions

AWS DynamoDB AWS S3 AWS RDS PostgreSQL Oracle SQL Microsoft SQL Server


Linux Docker Elasticsearch